Chicken Biryani: Recipe, recette, receta

You can find the recipe of the national dish of Mauritius here, and also check out the video below to give you a quick idea of the “how to”. // Tu peux trouver la recette du plat national mauritien ici, et regarder la vidéo en-dessous pour avoir une petite idée de comment t’y prendre. // Puedes encontrar... Continue Reading →

Mauritius: Quick Facts

Capital: Port Louis Languages: English and French, Créole, Bhojpuri-Hindustani, others. Ethnic Groups:  Indian, Creole, Chinese, French. Religion: Hindu 48.5%, Christian 32.7%, Muslim 17.2%, Others 0.8%, None 0.7%, Unspecified 0.1%. Population: 1.25 million people Density: 2,040 km² Head of the State: President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim Celebrities: Khal Torabully, Dev Virahsawmy, Henri Le Sidaner, Abdool Hamid Ramjeet, Christopher Perle, Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick, Felicien Mallefille, Kaya, Bruno Julie, Roger Charoux. National dish: Chicken Biryani Currency:... Continue Reading →

Benin: Quick Facts

Capital: Porto-Novo Languages: French, Fon, Yoruba. Ethnic Groups: Fon, Ypruba, Adja, Bariba, Fula, Ottamari, Yoa-Lokpa, Dendi. Religion: Roman Catholicim 27.1%, Muslim 24.4%, Vodun 17.3%, Other religion s5.5%, Protestantism 10.4%, Other Christian 5.3%. Population: 11.4 million people Density: 114,763 km² Head of the State: President Mr Patrice Talon Celebrities: Djimon Gaston Hounsou, Lionel Loueke, Angélique Kidjo, Isabelle Yacoubou, Waje, Coffi Codjia, Oumar... Continue Reading →

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